Hidden Mist

Hidden Mist by Ronna Pernell

Hidden Mist by Ronna Pernell

Hidden Mist is an image of a young woman and her younger self. But which is which? Is the young woman in the foreground or the background? When do we grow up and become women? Is it just age or life experiences? Is it when we bear children or bear the burdens of the world? The artist states, “As a young girl transitions into a young woman, the world begins to see her and at times does not fully understand who she is. Young girls are often forced to grow up before they are mentally and physically ready”. The dual images reflect the two personalities that exist in many cultures and create conflict in voicing the safety and security of women. Pen & Ink, 11×14, Signed and Framed $1,800 (plus shipping)

HIdden Mist

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